Sunday, November 4, 2012

maison martin margiela with h&m

It's MMM with H&M, baby!

One of the most anticipated designer collaborations that H&M was ever able to achieve. Like ever! No intention of comparing MMM with any other designer collabs before, but Margiela has already done it right from the start. The annoucement was kept low-key and the collection-launch video anti-mainstream. Very annonymous, but has reached not only the anti-mainstream audience.

At first, I didn't understand why Margiela, a fashion brand that has been keeping its highly unique sartorial approaches, was collaborating with H&M, a highstreet clothing company of mass production. Well, yes, the famous Versace worked together with H&M, too, but we know that Versace needed some publicity and a more modern brand image. I was just wondering if Margiela needed the attention of the mainstream? But seeing the lookbooks (both Woman and Man) filled with the unmistakable Margiela elements like subversive tailoring and material-use, I'm again thrilled to be able to get my hands on some MMM pieces that I can actually afford.

I am in love with the idea of bringing iconic (I'm aware of the over-usage of this freakin' word!) Maison Martin Margiela looks back, by adding some new touch and tags of the year the look was released. Brilliant! You know, this is really absolutely brilliant for younger fashion lovers to be able to purchase something that first came out when they were 10! Or something about 11. Because honestly, when I was 10, I had neither an idea what Maison Martin Margiela was, nor how to pronounce these three words correctly.

Here are my favorite looks from the lookbook, a bit from the advertising campaign and some items that I crave for.



The collection is available on 15th Nov. in selected H&M store world wide, let's see if the crowd would build a queue again. Probably not, because not everyone is a fan of avantgarde fashion and the baggy style. Especially not the not so fashion-forward Viennese people.

I keep my fingers crossed that I'll be able to snatch a pair of the "invisible" plexiglass wedge pumps. Three colors to choose from (as seen above): matt-nude, glossy-red and glossy-black. Shall I go all-daring or rather stick to the classic color palette? When it comes to Margiela, I can hardly make up my mind! Long wait soon be over, glad that MMM is just around the corner.


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  1. The collection looks so beautiful! xx


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