Friday, November 9, 2012

wild patterns

Now to be very honest, I am not one of the wildest girl my friends would know. Yet it is interesting, even to me, to see how I put together daring outfits. Like this one. It basicly screams: LEOPAAAARRDDDD!

Mix and match is an essential factor to look chic thesedays where fashion trends spread so freaking quickly. Like everyone is "on trend" in some kind of ways, everyone owns some "in"-pieces. Highstreet brands like zara react so fast to designer runways and upcoming trends that everyone on the streets end up looking trendy, again in some kind of ways.

In order to be chic, but different, there needs to be more mix-and-matches going on. Here I paired a vintage leopard blazer with a paisley-shirt. At the bottom part, the pattern-mixing party continues to a bright-colored floral print skirt that accentuates the waist. As for the rest I sticked to black accessories with a bold golden touch on them.

vintage blazer, mango shirt, H&M skirt (all of them old)

Versace X H&M purse, zara shoes 

Photo credits: JJ

When it comes to accessories, I have this black X gold pattern (pun here!) that I've recently noticed! I tend to choose gold above any other metal color, which has definitely something to do with my yellow-undertoned skin, I believe. It's not that I don't like silver. Silver is such a cool (cool and cool) tone that sometimes looks quite pale on me.

The temperatures are falling quickly in november. Afterall it's autumn, the say-good-bye to bare legs season. No actually, even autumn slowly comes to an end, the colder days are still ahead of us.



  1. wow I don't know how, but these patterns look really great together!:)
    such a cool look!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  2. Love these patterns. Your rocked this look! (great blog BTW!)


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