Thursday, November 29, 2012

exhibition extravaganza

And there we went, to the "EXTRAVAGANZA" exihition at the "Kunsthalle", an exhibition institution of modern and temporary art. J and I both saw the promotion posters on some subway stations and associated the exhibit with fashion and thought the colors on it were quite bold and wanted to see it. And I've just managed four "ands" in one sentence, it's probably time to improve my English writing skills.

To be quite honest here, J did not know who Leigh Bowery was and neither did I, so as you can probably imagine, we were quite shocked by the provocative, and I mean really outrageously provocative images/films at the exhibit. The picture below shows me reading Leighs biography, trying to understand why he and some colleagues/friends of him did those outrageously provocative (and that in a sexually liberating way) shows and shootings. Not to mention his face piercings, where instead of 'normal' piercing studs he put in some safety pins. One only word 'creepy' is not enough to describe my feelings when first realising that the piercings were freaking real. And everything else there, was/is real.

Oh! Yes, there was a giant pair of underpants with Hitler's head on it, and I did not get this offensive joke (was that a joke at all?). What shouldn't be forgotten is the glittery colorful costumes showcased there. That's one of the reasons that the visit of EXTRAVAGANZA actually somehow paid off.

esprit trench coat, vintage Dior bag, souvenir scarf

Outside the "kunsthalle" there is this "project wall" thing going on, which reminded us of Frida Kahlo. The photos presented here are indeed Frida-inspired. The crew behind definitely got the model right, she does not only have a uni-brow, the sensual fragility she forwarded to the beholders was breath-takingly beautiful. The access to the wall is rather hidden behind the building, but free to everyone. THIS I love about Vienna.

The days are getting colder here, it's the winter layering time folks! So ready to put on some heavy bulky fat coats.
And cheers to that!

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