Monday, November 19, 2012

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Lately I've been suffering under way too little sleep and a lot of stress. Yeah exams, big time. But those dark days are soon to be over! I just couldn't help, but post something on the blog today. I had to, it's been quite a while, isn't it?

This pair of Maison Martin Margiela pumps is my current hot love. I'm obsessed with a decent, understated good pair of nude pumps! The see-through wedge is quite confusing and make people wonder and check again. Not that I have already worn it, but I can assure you these shoes are some major head turners.

Maison Martin Margiela with H&M shoe

I have also been thinking of getting some more pieces from the collection, but rather something from the man collection. Basicly, over-sized clothing-that includes sweaters, shirts AND outerwear(!) is totally my thing. The fact that my height makes me look even higher and bigger and bulkier is part of the fun wearing XL-clothes you know?

How about the white leather shirt-like jacket? I saw it in real life-means not only online-and found the shape and its hugeness quite intimidating, but so cool at the same time. In addtion to that, I've laid my eyes on that man's shredded jeans jacket in S size, which looks like it is worn turned over and than got brutally shredded, ah sloppy-chic to the power of 10! I can't make up my mind yet wether or not I shall get the jacket. Till then, I just keep pretending I'm cool!


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