Saturday, October 20, 2012

september white

It was a calm and sunny September day, JJ and I managed to meet up, she with her camera and I with my outfits. I am exceptionally glad that I have a photographer friend like her because it is exceptionally nice to be able to document one's everyday style.

Right now time has passed and it is officially October (already a while), but I'm posting old stuff. Yes, I feel sort of guilty. And YES, white was the IN color this summer! I saw every other fashion magazine editorial doing an all white look and watched every other cool girl rocking a white head-to-toe from europe to asia. I was, I admitt, obsessed with it, too.

White is just such a clean, pure and simple color. White cools down the summer heat, at the same time, it miraculously lights one up during the first weeks of autumn. I paired my nude pointed pumps with the White zara coat, a lacey top and some crocheted shorts. I was annoyed by the fact that I did not possess enough pure white items. I mean, everyone of us has a white tee, a white shirt or a white something, some basics really, but white is a difficult color that comes in way too many shades. There's the milky white, the blueish white, the transparent kinds... I need some acrylic white, a white so white and so pure, there's no any other color inside it. Guess I need to keep looking for them.

Photo credits: JJ

More posts are coming. There were more shoots done in September.


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