Wednesday, September 18, 2013

black footwear

If there is one thing in my closet that I had to pick to wear everyday for the rest of my life, it would be a pair of black leather booties for sure. Black footwear in general is just so versatile and it easily adds extra coolness to any outfit, for any occasion. So lets discuss black shoes today!

I, for one, have another reason to love black footwear because my hair happens to be black, too! Oh wow. But as a blondie or brunette you can pull off black shoes any times as well, they truly are the all-rounders.
Here's my little black shoe collection. Some other sandals and big, long over-knee boots are missing here.

Do you recognize some of my shoes I had on in my older blog posts?

Below I also picked out 20 (!) cool black shoes all from the current Autumn Winter collection of different labels starting from 39EUR up to 370EUR. I might just got you covered for the must-buy shoes of FW 2013/14. You can see a lot of deep black leather going on here, some are patent, some are matt and some are just shiny glossy. Buckles and lace-ups are the key elements to look for in the shoes right now, they add a punky, masculine and strong appeal to any outfit you'd be sporting. Classic men's shoes are still very hot this season with a lot of bluchers and loafers here and there. On the other hand, some elements such as paillets, cut-outs and leather straps add more playfulness and femininity to the shoes.

Happy shopping.

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