Monday, September 16, 2013

cannot call this provocative

I wore:
Blazer: MMM for H&M;
Crop Top: Mango;
Pants: vintage Escada;
Pullover: H&M;
Shoes: Zara

I think good fashion should be provocative.

What's the point of designing fashion when there is no new ideas to show and what's the point of wearing fashion when there's no personal appreciation for it? New ideas that no one has ever thought of are so very likely to get rejected by the majority, that they would label it as "too provocative".

We currently live in a world that is very fast in every aspect regardless if I'm talking about fashion or food or communication here. Like it or not, all white T-shirts are kind of similar, they are all  white and are mostly made of hundred percent cotton and have short sleeves. So what are people expecting from fashion? By people I mean those who have an unusually big interest in fashion and an eye so sharp, it'd make boring tailoring bleed. We are tired of seeing the same shirt, or skirt, or skort, or whatever you name it, over and over again, on lots of runways from North America to Europe, on lots of blogs from Lily to Marie.

Therefore good designers and bloggers are brainstorming the banana out of their brains every season (for the latter it's everyday) to come up with some new stuff that will be worth the excitement. After all, fashion needs a lot of passion and that's just my little thought while keeping up with the on-going New York fashion week and the soon-coming European highlights.

It's September, the back to school season and I am celebrating (not really) DARETODUIT's one year anniversary! Yay! Great! No honestly I should have posted a lot more. Let's just do better with this new beginning.

Photos above were shot by lovely Jday long time ago. We randomly got off the metro and ended up in Stadtpark, as the name already suggest, a park in Vienna. I wore a bra-like crop top that was too revealing for my taste so I wore a tailored blazer over it, before I decided to switch to a translucent knitted summer pullover that was featured in a collage I made in May.

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