Thursday, September 19, 2013

salzburg for a day #two

Museum der Moderne is a contemporary art museum located high above the street on Moenchsberg, Salzburg. The building's reclangular shape cuts sharply into the nature on the hill, pointing at the ancient inner city. The clash of modernity and history looks a bit overwhelming, yet completely harmonious in an artistic way.

Several exhibitions were held in MdM that day we went to visit it. But the Alex Katz exhibition was the most impressive. His works reminded me of pop art and something digital. Everything was painted on huge canvases with exuberant bright colors, in simple, yet accurate lines. The people Alex Katz painted were rather stiff and sober, unlike his flowers which were more joyful and lively.

If you ever go to Salzburg, make sure to check out Museum der Moderne. They have changing exhibition whole year round, so make sure to look up at their website. Moreover, the architecture and the panorama view on top of Moenchsberg are definitely worth a visit.


  1. Wow. The building is so beautiful. I love the strict architectural lines. xx

  2. it remind me at the moma from nyc in the inside...


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