Monday, January 21, 2013

ss 2013 ad campaigns round-up

I thought it'd be entertaining if I do a 'love or loathe' on the ad campaigns of the big fashion houses that are out now. Since I didn't quite like the idea of every big brand doing pre-fall collections, I didn't even catch up with all the collections that are out there. The reason for that is simple, pre-fall lookbooks are oftentimes way too commercial or too out of context. Pre-fall collections are superluous in my eyes basicly because their main goal is to fill the gap between the spring summer season and the actual fall season. I remember louis vuitton's last pre-fall collection, which was cute, pretty and wearable but had nothing to do with lv's regular rtw customers: the grannies (remember lv fall 2012?). But it was cute, this I have to admit. 

Moving on to the main subject of this post, the advertising campaigns of ss 2013! Here are the ones that I love:

Miu Miu



Saint Laurent Paris

Ready to spread some critics? These campaigns are the ones that I loathe:

Burberry being on top of my loathe list has its reasons. Firstly, I didn't get the cheeky young boy laughing crazily at serious-looking, provocatively-showcasing-bare-thighs models situation. Secondly, the fact the british brand only uses british people in its ads makes the campaigns way too predictable and old-fashioned, in a negative sense. Thirdly, I still don't quite get Romeo Beckham's role in the ad campaign, despite the fact that his parents are uk's most famous celebrities.d

Kenzo,seriously? This human X-pose was refreshing last time. Now it only makes people wonder how often this will recur. And by the way, kenzo was more elegant once up a time!

What are your favorites and least favorites this season? Let me know.


  1. Balenciaga is my favorite! So gorgeous. xx

  2. The little kid in the Burberry ad is adorable!! Great post!



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