Thursday, January 24, 2013

new purchases, old possessions

Pictures above showcasing my latest sale purchases: cos top that is yet to be unveiled; zara tweed blazer in military khaki green.
Some old but gold accessories which include the MMM for H&M silver candy wrapper clutch; the crazy and simplistic MMM for H&M key ring necklace.

The rest of the photos are merely some strange decorations, by strange I mean the plastic orchids. Im my defense here, I must state that I do have real orchids in the house that are blooming wonderfully. 

Now back to the topic, winter sale is usually the best sale time of the year, but this season I did not score a lot of sale-deals, which probably has something to do with my ever so busy college life and the tight budget of mine. You may have noticed that I got a new camera that I carry around all the time, an interchangeable lense camera to be exact. And we know that cameras are not cheap.

Did you score something truly nice at sale? Let me know.


  1. these pictures are so beautiful

  2. nice post, and I really like the margiela jewelry:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  3. Oh that keyring necklace....! LOVE!

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  4. I am loving that tweed blazer!



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