Tuesday, January 15, 2013

horrifying trench coat

My mom has just accepted a horrendous metall buttons-embellished trench coat in black polyester, which makes me ask God why my dearest ones often make terrible terrible sartorial choices.

By asking myself this, I've also realised that maybe her not-so-fashion-forward thinking influenced me to somehow get interested in fashion at an early age. Every girl knows what I am talking about here: in our adolescence, there always comes a phase where our rebellious nature defeats our obedient side, which means we simply do not want to dress to please our moms anymore. I started young experimenting with darker colors because, well, my mother hated black and grey on me. In addition to that, there was a time when I only wore skin-tight clothes, because my mom did not approve it, which again made me very happy about tight shirts and jeans. Truth is, I don't even like skinny clothing that much, but the thought of being completely different than one's own mother was too tempting and too good.

What I'm trying to say here is that mothers and even grandmothers (the people we grew up with) do not only play an important role in our lives, but also influence the way we dress. Of course, there are loads of influential factors out there that shaped our styles, but opinions from mom has always weighed very much.

But let's go back to the weirdly tailored silver buttoned trench coat, which makes me wanna take a photo and put it on this blog to let the fashionable audience judge its ugliness. Yet, I decided not to do so at the last minute. I did come up with another more creative idea to draw the trenchcoat, which turned out to be an exhausting experience that took a bit too long...

All in all, my mom owns way too many unwearable/unbearable pieces in her closet and I just have to get over it. I understand that there are people, surprisingly but also female people who are really not interested in fashion. At all. And that's okay! God bless them.

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