Friday, May 24, 2013

salzburg for a day #one

I was wearing:
Striped jumper: Gap;
Military Green Vest: H&M;
Zebra Scarf: street found;
Red Bag: MCM (vintage) 

Andrea, a very very dear friend of mine has been inviting me to visit her in Salzburg ever since she moved there almost two years ago to pursue higher education. And I, for I was somehow busy and our schedules rarely gave us both the time gap we needed, wasn't able to go to this city until just a week ago. 

If you've read my other posts, you'd probably know that I'm not a country-typ-of-girl. Big cities are my passion and I stand to that. However, Salzburg, a city that is significantly smaller than Vienna both in size and population, caught my heart instantly when I set foot on it for the very first time. To be honest here, Salzburg positively surprised me on so many levels. 
The city itself is beautiful, elegant and can be summarized in two words: "pastel dream". Why pastel you ask? Well because of the creamy soft colors all the buildings had. Unlike any other city, Salzburg has regulations for the facade colors, so they must be kept low-key. Seriously though, the only bright-colored house I've seen in the inner city must be the yellow natal house of Mozart (see the third picture from the end?). Other great must-visit places include the Grand Cathedral (the 6th and the the 15th picture), the Makartsteg Bridge (see the lock picture), the Mirabell Palace and loads and loads of good cafes and good restaurants.

Unfortunately I could not stay at Salzburg longer than one day and one night. The second part of my travel has yet to be uploaded. I hope you have gotten an impression of beautiful Salzburg and can come to see all the places in real. Until next time.

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