Tuesday, May 14, 2013

loosen it up

Hat: H&M, Top: H&M, Leggings: come on, you can find them everywhere

So I've been wearing eye-liners quite a lot lately and I love it. As a person with monolids, it's hard to do the eye-makeup sometimes because I haven't got a socket line on my eye. The good news are that cat-eyeliners are suitable on almost any eye shape and people without eye sockets tend to age a bit slowlier. Yay.

The photograph above was edited with my sister's bamboo pen tablet, which turned out to be way more useful than I thought it'd be. The backless top that I'm wearing in the picture is one of my favorite things at the moment. The viscose fabric is cooling and super comfortable for summer days. I've also noticed the big presence of black and white posts lately and I promise more colorful stuff is coming up. See you.

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