Thursday, May 9, 2013

grandma's blazer

I'll just start this post by singing: "I wear ya grandma's cooooat, I look incredibleeeee..." In this case, I was wearing MY grandma's blazer, which she purchased at least 25 years ago. The great thing about vintage clothing? They are unique because no one else owns it; they have this outdated look that is different than vintage-inspired clothing you can find in stores; they usually have nice quality because fashion at that time was not cheap like it is today. A time where fast fashion has not yet been inventend, imagine that!

Anyway this plaid wool blazer with its nostalgic oxblood color was very fun to wear and is suprisingly wearable in a contemporary sense. Thank you grandma for being fashion-forward and I hope I can raid more oldie-but-goldie items from your dusted suitcases in our cellar...

(photo credits go to A.)

I'm wearing: 
Plaid Blazer, vintage;
Shirt with black ribbon, street purchase;
Jeans: Mango
Black boots: Walter Bauer;

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