Saturday, January 31, 2015

portfolio project coming up

Today is day that I accidentally stumbled upon my good old blog. Funny how time flies and I almost forgot about the fact that a blog of mine even existed. The content I posted two years ago seem so out of fashion right now, literally, but the layout still looks appealing to me. Why did I give this up in the first place?

I don't like announcing things. It just feels good to write, excuse me, type again. I've been drawing, I've been studying for university and I've been trying to grow up a bit. Did I succeed at all these? No. I mostly failed at growing up, but the rest is good. In my absence I had a bit of depression, I gained some weight, I grew my hair out very very long and I almost dropped out of university. But also in my absence, I healed myself from the psychological disease, I did yoga and I am planning to get my hair cut really short. Maybe even so short that I can donate the leftover hair to people with cancer.

Most importantly, I've decided to pursue my dream. Currently, I am doing a portfolio for a design course and I couldn't be happier. Life starts the moment you realize what you really want is reachable and totally doable. So I am searching for people with outfits that inspire me and will put together outfits that I personally like to wear most. So much motivation in this moment I haven't had for a long time!


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