Friday, November 8, 2013

closet essentials

The weather here is so weird recently that I have seen people worn one plain T-shirts only and duvet coats all in the same past week. I for a change, found some time to edit a summer/autumn outfit of mine. The sunshine in these pictures below was the same warm sunshine that was on my skin yesterday. Climate change goosebumps.

When in doubt, I just grab all the closet essentials I possess. Basic items like a white shirt (preferably in both pure cotton and silk), a pair of comfortable jeans (which equals boyfriend-style) and some pointed black pumps without platform. Add some accessories or a printed jacket if you will. Couldn't get more boring you say? Well thank god there was wind to create my messy hair! I felt happy.

Yvonne ★


  1. cute and chic ! love it! ❤ ✰

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  3. Love this simple chic outfit. Looks pretty perfect to me! xx

  4. Such a beautiful outfit, perfect combo! :)

    xx Su


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