Thursday, September 6, 2012

jewels jewels

necklace:Zara; collar: Marni at H&M; cross necklace: Mango; parrot bracelet: Juicy Couture; wrist cuff: Marni at H&M

It has been a while. And it's about time... Here it all goes again, a new blog, a new journey. This is VELVET MOUSSE, a blog about my personal style, travel notes and inspirations to share with. Expect loads of twisted style, mix-and-matched outfits, fashion accessories and more.

I am a 19 year old student living in Vienna. I'm a fashion lover and a future designer. I speak more than 4 languages and there might be bilingual blogging coming soon. Currently I'm obsessed with rocker-chic, with grunge and everything inbetween. Do be prepared for some more glamour and elegance, though. Trends and moods come and go, what stays chic is one's always classy attitude.

VELVET MOUSSE is by no means a "teach-you-how-to" blog, it's a private documentury of my way to dress, it's a platform to get my thoughts straight. Watch me, grow with me. 


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